About Us

Have you been searching for a real good taste? Are you one of the millions who has been eating more and not satisfying your taste? Stop stuffing yourselves!!!


Aunt Cora is serious about taste. Aunt Cora's perfected seasonings are the answer. You will eat less and feel better. Get emotional about cooking! Let your food say, "I Love You."

Aunt Cora's family through the years passed the secrets of their herbs and spices from one generation to the other ... it was called Creole Cooking. Creole meant flavor, the right seasoning with herbs and spices.

In the 1800's almost every dish was created with rice: red beans, rice file gumbo, jambalaya, dirty rice and more. As these recipes spread around the world, home-style dishes cooked with poultry like dumplings, dressing, and stuffing were added to the Creole repertoire.

The home of Creole is Louisiana and the crown city is New Orleans with plenty of food from the Gulf, bayous, and basins. Good food was available and Aunt Cora's family created the most distinguished cuisine in America. Aunt Cora's seasonings are the mother of Creole cooking, with French as the father, and Spanish, Indian, and African as the offspring. Aunt Cora's seasonings distinguish themselves with taste that invites, delights, and baffles one to learn the taste secrets.

Mardi Gras gave Creole cooks, especially Aunt Cora, the time and reason to "show out." Today's generations are now enjoying her seasonings.

And it's just like Aunt Cora said, "Good Food Ain't Nuthin' But Good Seasoning."

Gugi's Global Foods produces its Aunt Cora's and Miracle Blend line of seasonings out of a 50,000 square foot plant facility in Tampa, Florida; and has been producing these unique blend of herbs and spices since 1994.