Miracle Blend Seasonings™

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Salad Seasoning

Salad Seasoning is perfect for salads, vegetables, stews, eggs and more. It makes a wonderful low-sodium marinade for meats and fish.

Online cost per 3.75oz bottle: $3.95


All Purpose Seasoning

All Purpose Seasoning is great on all types of food ... even popcorn. Sprinkle it on at the stove or at the table for a punch of flavor.

Online cost per 5.5oz bottle: $2.95


Spicy Creole

Spicy Creole is a real taste of New Orleans: bite down on the spicy flavor of Beale Street and cool jazz.

Online cost per 5.5oz bottle: $2.95


Herbal Seasoning

Salt Free Herbal Seasoning [No Salt (Spanish: sin sodio)]is a healthful, herbal blend that adds zesty flavor to every bite. Use it everyday on all your foods to enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes. No Salt Herbal Seasoning follows the guidelines of The American Dietetic Association for restricted diets. Eating less salt and sodium helps you prevent or lower high blood pressure.

Online cost per 3.75oz bottle: $3.95

All of the Miracle Blend Seasonings™ do not contain gluten.

Miracle Blend Seasonings™ are available at over 1,000 Publix Super Markets in the Southeast: Florida (726), Georgia (180), South Carolina (42), Alabama (38), Tennessee (27).

If you do not have access to Publix Super Markets, use our Online Order Form to order our seasonings.