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Marisela Salinas
Santa Barbara, CA

Thank you very much. I am more than satisfied. I was so happy to discover recently that Aunt Cora's spices were finally available online. I bought one of the bottles as an impulse buy around 4 years ago when I visited Florida and was hooked. I've had an empty bottle of Aunt Cora's spices sitting on my computer desk for about 3 years and have been searching for it since then. I look forward to using these spices on the other end of the USA. Thanks again.

Kimberly Scott
Champaign, IL

Hello! My family and I were vacationing at Disney's Vero Beach and stumbled upon your seasoning while grocery shopping. I love to cook and just had to take home seasoning unavailable here in Illinois. Well, we just fried chicken with the Soulful Seasoning and my family nearly fainted. How wonderful! After dinner I knew I had to find it! Placing an order tonight. So thankful that you can purchase it online! Thanks, Kim

Jeff Caldwell
Winchester, KY

Hi, my name is Reverend Jeff Caldwell from Winchester, Kentucky and I am well known around here for my green beans and potatoes . This year I may be found out though--I have run out of my Aunt Cora's seasoning and I'm sure they will all be asking why my food has gone to pot. Please help me locate some of this awesome stuff. I will buy a case if I can ever find it again. Aunt Cora you are a genius and we love your product.

A. Scarfo
Lake Mary, FL

My family has multiple health problems, but loves to eat gourmet meals; of all the salt-free seasonings I have used, yours is the best!

D. Lewis
Jackson, MS

I am truly upset, your Aunt Cora's Soulful Seasoning keeps disappearing off the shelves. Please help me, tell them to order much more.

C.T. Boyle
St. Petersburg, FL

I use the Spicy Creole on everything that I consume ... it's just that good!

A. Gamble
Apopka, FL

Aunt Cora's Soulful Seasoning is addictive.

T. Smith
Conway AR

No other Creole seasoning has measured up against the "Miracle Blend" Spicy Creole.

J. Black
Crystal Lake, IL

I'm very pleased with the taste of Soulful Seasoning, but it's hard to find.

V. Perrin
Chicago, IL

HELP!!! I live in Chicago and the Jewel Food Stores have stopped carrying Aunt Cora's Soulful Seasoning. My cooking is not the same.

E. Collins
Toledo, OH

I've had some of the best fried and baked foods using your seasonings. Many compliments have come my way. The best was when my daughter said my chicken tasted better than grandma's.

C. Quinn
Sarasota, FL

Absolutely love your products. Would like to buy a case for Holiday gift baskets, so all of our friends could enjoy your products too.

M. Board
Arlington, VT

While vacationing in St. Petersburg, FL, we bought a bottle of Aunt Cora's Soulful Seasoning. It's wonderful! Where can we buy it in Vermont?

Dr. V. Gerald
Naperville, IL

We love your seasonings. It's hard to find in our area. Can we buy it by the case?

S. Hall
Las Vegas, NV

While visiting in Conyers, GA, I bought your seasonings. Now home in Las Vegas, where can I find it?

C. Doefler
Port Washington, WI

I like your Salt-Free Herbal very much, but can't remember where I bought it. Would like to purchase more and others that you make with no MSG. Please help me out!

J. Mitchell
Schaumburg, IL

Visiting Florida I purchased your seasonings. Please advise where I can buy it in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

B. Niedzialek
Miami, FL

Every year I travel to Hawaii and bring my friends their supply of Aunt Cora's seasonings. They don't want to wait for my annual visit, can they buy in bulk?

K. Forest
Sycamore, IL

I'm sitting next to a half-empty container of your seasoning. My local supermarket doesn't carry it and this is the most magnificent seasoning I have ever used especially for broiled salmon and rainbow trout.

Lisa Washington
Rockford, IL

Hello all! I thought I was going bananas when I could no longer find this seasoning! I live in Rockford, IL and I purchased it from Woodman's store about two years ago. ... This is THE BEST seasoning I have ever tried. When ever I cooked with it people would always ask for my 'secret' and I would never tell!!!! I am happy I will be able to find it.

Mike Clare
Colchester, UK

Whilst in USA last year I purchased a pot of Spicy Creole just to see if it would perk up some dishes ... Oh my God! What a transformation it has made to some of our favourite dishes ... now I have a problem, my pot has dwindled away, no thanks to our friends borrowing it (sprinkle here sprinke there ) ok ok I'll get to the point, where in the UK can I purchase this brand of Spicy Creole? Your assistance would be most grateful, warm regards.

Ixchel Bibbs
Somewhere, US

I'm speaking to my mother now and we both screamed when I read her your email and I will definitely use the website links you provided to order the Aunt Cora's seasonings and again please keep me on your mailing list if there are any updates or changes to this product. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. a very HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!!!

A. Customer
Somewhere, US

My baby sister is one of the best cooks that I know of. I have never known her to put a bad meal on the table (that is probably why I am so heavy LOL). Anyhow, she loves Aunt Cora's Soulful Seasoning. She bought a bottle of it at the state fair one year and has been ranting about it ever since. She loves the stuff ... I had never heard of it until she started talking about it.

B. Customer
Somewhere, US

Being that I love to cook ... and Soul Food is my main entree, I would love to know more about this seasoning as well.

C. Customer
Somewhere, US

I purchased 5 bottles of Aunt Cora's Down Home Seasoning Vegetarian Blend in Frisco, TX at Albertson's ... I bought all they had--it was in that special seasoning aisle. I have a great Aunt Cora and gave it to her and my mom and her sister and kept the rest. I love it ... I want some more. The one I have is wonderful on vegetables and I use it on meat, everything.

D. Customer
Somewhere, US

I told my mother about it over 2 years ago and we absolutely swear by this seasoning.

E. Customer
Somewhere, US

Please let me know where I can find this in Georgia. I've been looking for Aunt Cora's for about 5 years. I originally found it at Kroger. But nothing since. HELP!

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